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Barber Scissor Small Hook (634-14)




Rs 305.00

It has curvy and sharp effect that give it beautiful look. It has sharping style that give soothing cutting effect. The scissors are especially designed to cut the hair through professional medium. Trimming can be gained through displaying and attractive approach to the hair that looks quite classy and effective. Stainless steel is all what an individualo desires in their tool that are designed to beautify their self.

it can be used by barbers because the curvey and sharpness can only be handle through barbers. The finish look gained on hair, is something that is the desire and main motivve to be at salon for cutting. It can through insertion of index finger and little fingers are outside the steps of the scissors to give it proper embellishments.

it is equipped with stainless steel that has small books situated at the point of the scissor. The sharpeness and curvy shape effect gives attractive look to hair. Specific shears blades are also the plus point of this product. It is considered as one of the ornamental clasp that is enclosed with hooks to give presentable look.

  • The effects embarked an everlasting approach that is emerged with qualitative mark on the hair.
  • The hair grower more faster if they are cutted through the desires and effectivity.
  • The blade is easy to be mastered because the body of blade is falt which can not be harmful for the hair approach and its effects are clearly representative.
  • It is suitable and handy which can be used by all barbers whether they use on professional medium or at home services.
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