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Eyebrow Comb (129-10)




Rs 215.00

You don’t need to use multiple tools to achieve a well-groomed, defined, and filled in brows. The only product you need for perfect brows is the 2 in 1 eyebrow comb by Belini cosmetics. Both the combs have different shapes and serves a different purpose. The eye brow comb is used for the application of brow gels, powders, and their blending. The soft bristled side of the brush helps to shape and groom the eyebrow while providing a heavy brow volume. The solid comb side of the brush can be used to give a polished look.

Select a brow filler and apply small strokes to fill the minor gaps. Use the bristles side brush to blend down the powder and produce a natural bushy effect. Flip the brush over and use the comb side to shape the brows beautifully. It can also be used to remove mascara clumps from eye lashes. For a cleaner and professional look, tweeze excess hairs outside the brow area. Finally, apply a thin layer of light color concealer around the edges of the brows to define the crease of your brows.

This double-sided eye tool is made up of from premium quality synthetic boar bristles.

  • The brow comb/brush combo helps top fix eyebrow over plucking. Gives an even and natural curve to brows. Helps to distribute brow gels and powders evenly across the brows. Allows you to create a brow shape that enhance your face features.
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