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Lip Liner (165-10)




Rs 199.00

The lip liner brush from Belini cosmetics is all what you need for precisely applying all lip products. The pointed edge of the brush gets give definition to your lips while avoiding any smudges and color feathering. This brush is a must-have for all the lip liner fans because it is a perfect way to blend the lip colors and eliminate the uneven areas around the outer edges of the lips.

To get a perfect fuller lip look, exfoliate and moisture lips with a kip balm and let it dry for a few seconds. Trace the natural lip line by starting from the middle drawing an x at the cupid’s bow and then extend it to the corners and the lower lip. For color longevity, completely fill the lips with the brush to create perfect base for the lip color. People with thin lips can try tracing from outside corner of the lips to the center. This will help them to achieve a bigger and fuller look within no time. This brush will help you to get your desired lip shape within no time. Finally, apply the lipstick.

This essential lip liner brush is made from 100% vegan free soft bristles that are firm enough for a defined application.

  • Lip color lasts for longer periods when applied with lip liner. Allows the mixing of several shades to produce a third color. It prevents lipstick from bleeding. It helps to enhance lip features by giving them a perfect shape. Can be used to shape as well as fill lips in.
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