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Nail Brush Pumic Stone(130-10)




Rs 180.00

Beauty is extremely independent and forever developing an impression. Irrespective the way it is distinct, in our external presence, the beauty is constantly increased by honest assurance. At Belini, we are emphasizing on the particular aesthetics of beauty which feels and looks better for everyone. Also, we deliver an exclusive combined method to beauty, from medical concerned…. all under one roof in Pakistan. Our desire and mission are to support you in order to get a wonderful balance among your internal happiness and its external image. Simply beautiful. Simply Belini.

For five to ten minutes, immerse your feet till the skin has relaxed completely. To wet the pumice stone dip, it into the soapy water to wet it. For about thirty seconds, rub the stone gently in a back and forth movement to the uneven areas, slops and bumps on both foots. To rinse the skin cells off, dip your feet into the water. The steps should be repeated for 3 to 4 times. After finishing it, put on a better-quality moisturizer to relax them more.

Wood: bamboo. Brush 100% boar hair. Cord: 100% cotton. Pumice stone: 68%, calcium carbonate 15%, pumice powder 12%, silica powder 5% soapstone.

  • In your daily routine, skin care is the most significant part. You will absolutely feel good if your skin looks good. In the end, your skin is greatly observable to everyone else and if your skin is not looking flawless then it is generally feeling low and less assured. So, pumice stone relaxes the uneven and tough skin. Nailbrush & Pumice Stone supports you to scrub and clean the under-nail areas and relax the tough uneven skin. It also delivers effective cleaning below the nails.
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