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Nail Clipper Chorme(421-09)




Rs 225.00

Natural beauty is difficult to beat however, use of makeup products enhance, finished or polished the natural beauty of an individual. This is what the Belini serves its customer either local beauty lovers, makeup artists, bloggers etc by providing various beauty products. Belini delivers luxurious and aesthetic skin care products to beauty lovers. As the demand of the skincare products is increasing day by day, Belini is advancing its range to skincare product. Belini promise to provide all the demanding quality makeup and skincare products to its customer in the future as well till many years. Chorme nail clippers are one of the skincare products manufactured by Belini that enhance the beauty of nails, especially of women.

These clippers have straight sharp edges use to clip toenails. Open the lever of clipper whenever you want to trim your toenails. Rotate the lever and hold the clipper. Chose the toe and at a certain angle make small cuts and trim the toenail. Do not trim the nail in single go and avoid to clip the nail to the skin, it will cause injury to the skin. Leave small white portion of nails after clipping.

These chorme nail clippers are made of stainless steel.

  • These chorme nail clippers are designed with straight edges that can be used to trim toenails accurately. These clippers do not split or tear the nails and trim them accordingly. These clippers can easily shape the nails and beauty beginners can use it easily. It prevents ingrown nails because it suggests clipping nails straight. The stainless steel of these clippers makes them long-lasting and easy to clean.
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