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Nail Clipper Golden (423-06)




Rs 200.00

Nails are the most appraising portion of hands and feet, especially for women. Nowadays, related to hand features, women are more conscious about the care of nails. As the nails look beautiful ultimately hands look more beautiful. Belini have designed its range of clippers to trim the nails of fingers and toes. These golden nail clippers are designed with nail file and nail cleaner for extensive use. Belini has designed these clippers according to latest technology and rust resistance and satisfying its customers from many years by offering quality product.

When you are ready to trim your nails, open the lever of the clipper, lift up and rotate it. Hold the clipper in your hand. Choose the finger and at a certain angle, make small cuts rather than cutting the nail in one go. Leave the small white portion of the nails at last and avoid to clip the nails to the skin it will damage your skin. After that use nail file to manicure rough edges of nails and clean the nails with nail cleaner.

These golden clippers are made up of stainless steel and coated with gold to make them able for longer use and resist from rust.

  • These golden nail clippers have a curved blade which clips the nails and provide natural curve to nails. These curved edges clip the nails with precision. Sharp cutting edges are useful for even and precise cuts each time. The nail file provided in these golden clippers is best use for manicure after clipping the nails to even the rough part of the nails. Nail cleaner can be used to clean the accumulated dust and debris in nails corners.
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