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Nail File 5"(135-12)




Rs 140.00

Nail file is conisdered to be basic necessity but the dimesnions of its usage may vary from one aspect to other. The filer is safe to the skin and is very easy to use. It is double sided best for the finger and toe nails filings. It is recommend to file your nails with a single touch without damaging skin. The metallic approach of this filer is way more eye catching than other filers in the market. the clean metallic lustre provide it beautiful and attractive shine which embark the eyes of the user through various means. T he fan following and likness of this filer last longer untill and unless it is used through effective approach without damaging skin.

Use It gently to be aware frm any harm to the nails wothout splitting and braeaking it. The nail hygiene can be maintained through this beautiful filer. Velvel gentle approach is aplus point that can be used thriugh puttinh all fingers on the filer.

Velvel metal, metal, Stainless steel and rust free steel. The proces of rust free steel is what you desire beacsue there comes a time when you want to clean your sub products to aviod harmful and germs on it. This is where you go for it. The cleanliness can be maintained through this effect.

  • The most important beenfit is that it makes your nails attractive and catchy. The hygiene and fashion for nails can be maintained through this filer. Essence of beauty is all what you desiore. Whether you apply nail poslih over it or not the clean effec file combination is what makes it gracefull and effective to embark sooothing feels. the irritation after filing can be feel after using it. Comfy and hygienic factor is whjat is tool up holds.
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