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NBR Sponges(107)




Rs 175.00

Belini is providing an oil resistant NBR sponge which is not disposed to swell and have no natural latex. This feature makes it complete for the use in a compact or as a separate finest addition. Produced to the maximum average using environment friendly, recovering methods with a little waste our NBR sponge, delivered the three actions as usual which is created by utilizing the innovative technology to remove observer cut symbols on the outer part, usually connected with the standard approach of the brand. The sponge is comprising of anti UV to protect the fading when dipping in pure water delivered to every house via pipes of copper and anti-bacterial.

Before you start to apply the makeup, saturate the sponge with water and exclude the extra amount of water. Apply a little amount of liquid foundation on the backside of your hand, dip your sponge to the foundation and then start to apply on your face. Do not try to strain the sponge on your skin. In its place, simply dab the place until your foundation is unified overall. NBR sponge can also be used for the combination of cream and the products of contouring and liquid highlighter.

Latex or Non-Latex Hydrophilic Polyurethane.

  • It is suitable for every type of skin which help you to have flawless makeup. On every use it will give you perfect application of foundation with no area having even makeup. Also, the financial set is hands on and very easy to carry.
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