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Nail clipper (426-09)




Rs 250.00

"Belini is providing its customers with a professional nail clipper (426-09). High quality stainless steel with matte finish makes it more attractive and durable. They are well aligned, quite sturdy, very pierce and easy to use. Our nail clippers feature a superior long handle design that facilitates manicure and the non slip design on the handle is perfect for sweaty hands. Never worry about getting stuck and damaged to your nails. Our nail clippers contain a a small but very useful metal nail file. They are ideal for smooth and rough edges after cutting and are very easy to use. "

Hold the nail clipper with your right hand, place your thumb on the lever and, if you have your right hand, place the arm in front of the index finger. The comfortable grip allows you to tighten the handle without slipping. Place the blade's head around the nail you wanted to cut. Never cut the nails close to the edges of the skin. Push the lever or handle, being careful that the sharp head remains in place. Keep applying the force until the nails are completely cut off. Use a filer attached to the clipper to soften the most uneven spots with nail clippers.

Reusable Stainless Steel

  • The unique handle design makes the nail clipper support your fingers every time, offering ease of use and a reliable grip. Hand-improved stainless steel blades facilitate the cutting of thick nails without the use of filing to prevent nails and toe breaks. Nail clippers contain the finger and toe nail clippers so you can find the right tools, reduce the risk of nail fungus spread.
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