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Pedicure file white(142-10)




Rs 150.00

Belini offers genuine professional and expert beauty products. They have the best products on the shelf! The pedicure file white (142-10) can also be used in various herbs and stone spa treatments to remove dead skin from the pressure points on the feets. You can do it at home too. pedicure file white (142-10) is used to remove thick, dry skin from the soles of the feet and to give them a healthy appearance. After professionally removing the dry skin, the upper layer of the skin will become antiseptic and allow more oxygen to pass through.

Dry your feet thoroughly with the towel first. Then grasp the foot from the ankle and begin with the heel. While back and forth, rub your ankle tightly. Go to the middle of the toe and then rub the foot file in a circular motion. Then move to the heels and rub from one side to the other. Now move your fingers and rub the outside of your thumb and small fingers with the back and forth movements. Clean your fingers with small circular motions. Finally, clean the entire leg and use a towel to remove excess dry skin. Proper and consistent use of a pedicure can improve foot health.

Reusable Stainless Steel.

  • The easiest way to clean old and torn feet. The pad surface is larger than other competing products. The stainless steel handle is sterile and easy to hold. Strong adhesive holds the pads during use. It delivers just as good results on dry and wet feet surfaces, allowing users to work on their own preferences and satisfaction. For best results, use the manufacturer's instructions carefully.
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