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Special Tweezer Rounded(263-09)




Rs 250.00

Globally, everyday women express their beauty differently by wearing different stylish clothes, behaving differently and all these different looks can be enhanced by makeup. Along with makeup, it is more important for an individual to look more appraising by cleaning and polishing hands and feet. Belini manufactured a range of cosmetic tools that polish an individual and make them more appreciating without applying any makeup product. Belini offers a range of tweezers like angled tweezer, claw tweezer and rounded tweezer to remove the coarse hairs from the body parts efficiently.

They are easy to handle for the beginners as the tip of the tweezer is not sharped. Isolate the hairs that you want to tweeze, grasp the tweezer as close to the hair and pick up the hair on the tips of tweezer. Pull the hair in that direction in which hair grows and pluck the hair. After every use clean the tips of tweezer to get the best result for next time.

This special tweezer rounded is made up of stainless steel and coated with gold or titanium. Titanium or gold coat increases the life of tool.

  • The benefits of the rounded tweezers include; these tweezers are perfect and easy to use for those individuals who have sensitive skin. These tweezers have rounded edges therefore easy to grasp at any angle for those who are not steady to use tweezers. These tweezers can be used to tweeze the small hairs around brows and these are the first choice for those people who are less comfortable with sharp-edged or pointed tip tweezers.
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